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GGD Gummies - The Secret to a Healthier Lifestyle.

Working within the Health & Wellness industry for many years I've seen and heard a lot. There's nothing worse than seeing someone excited, ready & raring to go, only to feel disheartened and fall off the wagon a short time later. The truth is health is made out to be a lot more complicated than it needs to be, which is why Goodie Gum Drops™ Superfood Gummies were created.

Goodie Gum Drops™ have been designed with the goal of providing you a range of products that are convenient, super tasty & help make you feel good from the inside out - no matter your shape, size or age. In todays fast-paced world it's easy to overlook our health. With busy work schedules and a constant stream of distractions, it's no wonder we often find ourselves reaching for quick and easy snacks that are less than healthy! That's where Goodie Gum Drops™ come in - they are the PERFECT solution for anyone looking to improve their health while still feeling like you're indulging in a delicious treat! With ACV for gut health, Activated Turmeric for pain & inflammation and Marine Collagen for healthier hair, skin, nails and tendon & ligament repair - there's something for everyone.

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Goodie Gum Drops™ are 100% Australian owned & operated out of the beautiful Gold Coast. Due to technological advancements and access to high quality ingredients in the Northern Hemisphere, we choose to get our manufacturing done in the USA and have partnered with the Endeavour Foundation here in Australia to provide local employment and have our products bottled right here in Queensland.

It’s time to change the template of what ‘being healthy’ looks like. It’s not about skinny or muscles, it’s about being invigorated & feeling great in your mind, body & soul.

Yours in healthier living,

Morgan Sanders – Creator & Owner


Goodie Gum Drops™ and Y Health + Wellness are 100% Australian owned, operated and based out of the beautiful Gold Coast. Due to technological advancements in the Northern Hemisphere we choose to get our manufacturing done in the USA and bottle our products locally here in Australia.
The taste and texture of our Goodie Gum Drops™ range was at the top of the list when we were creating them. All of our gummies are naturally flavoured and the texture is unrivalled compared to other products on the market. Our Apple Cider Vinegar gummies taste like sweet red apples with a hint of ACV. Turmeric gummies have a natural sweet ginger flavour with a beautiful peppery undertone and our Collagen gummies taste like strawberries! DELICIOUS!!
Absolutely! Goodie Gum Drops™ are a favourite for kids (and parents prefer them due to the quality of ingredients compared to others on the market). We suggest giving kids a half serve (one gummy of each up to twice a day).
YES! All of our Goodie Gum Drops™ products are made in a Gluten-Free, GMP Certified Facility.
Both our Apple Cider Vinegar + Turmeric gummies are vegan. Our Collagen gummies aren't vegan due to having hydrolysed marine collagen peptides in them.

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