Goodie Gumdrops


Great product, positive results

Helen Sawyer

Goodie Gumdrops apple cider vinegar


Yummy tasting way to take apple cider vinegar. Stopped my sugar craving within a few days. Taste like a berry, easy to take with no nasty after taste.

Marissa Lyons



As someone who does value their health, but doesn’t like to swallow heaps of tablets these gummies are ideal! Easy to take & also delicious.

Corey P.

Apple Cider Gummies


My daughter and I are using these and WOW – even after just a few days we have really noticed a change in our digestion, bloating disappearing and not feeling as hunger all the time. What an awesome product. Thanks Team

Karen S.

Five star product


A very pleasant way to take your daily Apple Cider Vinegar and love the slight pepperiness of the proven anti-inflammatory Turmeric. Def five stars.

Michael S.

Goodie gum drops


The apple cider vinegar gummies taste good and are very effective! Customer service is amazing.

Lucas B.

ACV, Turmeric, Collagen


I’m now onto my second batch of these amazing goodies. I have been taking ACV, turmeric and collagen. I have noticed less aching in joints, heaps less bloating and has curved my appetite. These goodies have steered me into a healthier lifestyle. To the team at Y Heath and wellness, keep up the great work and the yummy gummies!

Nick L.



“My hubby and I have been taking the Goodie Gum Drops for a few weeks now and all I can say is…. well, WOW! We love them.

So first impressions – they are all just so bloody cute! When you first pop them out and give them a little squeeze…. oh so squishy ;P

The ACV – OMG give them a little sniff and man all that apple cidery goodness just hits you, your mouth instantly starts to water. I also absolutely love the feeling of biting into these bad boys!!! Now the serious stuff, we both have noticed a decrease in snacking so talk about winning right there!

The Collagen – these are just like they say on their page, delicious sweet strawberry. These are the ones we probably have noticed the biggest change with, hubby’s beard definitely has more volume to it and I had a sore that just didn’t seem to heal (before starting) and would sunburn and blister so easy and within about 3 days of taking our Goodie Gum Drops it stopped blistering and has healed nicely.

and last but not least, The Turmeric – these absolutely blew me away when I tried them, the taste is SO not what you are expecting. These are the ones we have seen the least change but guessing that these are something that will just work in the background and one day when we should be a little “”old and decrepit”” we will still be buzzing around and not even notice that they have worked!”

Shandell B.

Paul W


Very tasty and body can exercise again

Paul W.

Impressed is an understatement!


I’ve had pain in my feet for a long time and since taking the Turmeric Goodie Gum Drops the inflammation has completely gone and I am pain-free for the first time in a long time.


I feel better & more agile


Running has always been a struggle for me due to an old recurring injury in my hamstring and it was recommended I try a collagen supplement (specifically marine) to help repair my ligaments. I lead a busy lifestyle and the majority of collagen comes in powder form which isn’t convenient for me. I came across the Goodie Gum Drops products via a friend who was raving about them & I have to admit I was a little sceptical that a gummy of all things could help me but FAR OUT have I been surprised! After only 4 days of being on them, I noticed when I was stretching I not only had less pain but more range of motion in trying to touch my toes. I’ve just ordered the Turmeric ones to help with my inflammation so looking forward to reviewing how they go too. What an awesome product you have created!


Highly recommend!


“I began taking the Tumeric Goodie Gum Drops in the hope that the discomfort I feel from arthritis would be reduced. It has been three weeks now and there have been two major surprises. After only this short amount of time taking the gum drops, the pain in my feet and hands has been greatly relieved to the point where I have been able to walk for much longer and do more hand sewing than I have been for a long time.

The second and most unexpected surprise is that I have lost three kilos :-). I had no idea these gummies could have this effect which I’m presuming must have been water retention/inflammation. I’m absolutely thrilled because I’d been trying to lose a kilo or two for ages and had come to the conclusion that it’s because of my age that I can’t seem to move it. Now it’s happened and there’s no turning back. I can thoroughly recommend these gummies especially to people like me in the 70 somethings.”


Highly recommend


Hi have been having the collagen gummies. They are really tasty and I have noticed a huge difference with my skin, hair and nails! This is my first time using a collagen product. During the colder months my skin usually gets really dry, but I have not had this problem. My nails have been growing well and my hair is looking healthier. I have even noticed my joints aren’t clicking as much as usual. I definitely recommend this product.

Melissa B.



Great tasting and takes the hunger urge away.

emma M.

All 3 gummies….5 star!


“Have never taken anything like these before but absolutely love them. The flavors amazing and you feel the benefits almost immediately. I have 2 ACV every morning for gut health and my turmeric ones at night for aches and pains. My husband takes the collagen gummies and his skin is glowing and his hair is growing back in the bald spots!! Almost ready to order my next 3 pack.
Try them for yourself, amazing product, you won’t be disappointed.”

Deb A.

Goodie gum drops


Really enjoying these the taste is great

Loren R.

Assists when you push the limits


Being a PT, group fitness instructor and body builder, I push my body to the limits every day. I love that the Tumeric gummies assist me with pain and inflammation that is often associated with expecting so much from my body due to my training and my job. So enjoyable to take every day. When you look forward to something you never forget to take them.


An absolute life saver!!!


An absolute life saver for someone who suffers from chronic arthritis in their knees and works long hours on their feet! Noticed a massive improvement with my knee pain and inflammation after taking these gummies. I was a little hesitant at first with normally not liking gummy textured things but I’m so happy I gave them a go! Highly recommended!!

Tamika R.

seriously a game changer!


These Gummies are seriously a game changer! I’m absolutely impressed with how quickly the collagen gummies have made a change in my skin and growth of nails. (My nails never ever grow, now they do). The apple cider gummies beat taking a ACV shot every morning and are quiet tasty along side the turmeric gummies, which also help with my bloating!! 100% recommend to everyone wanting to kick start a health journey, start here & the rest with follow 🙂

Lynnie D.

great tasting


“Goodie Gum Drops are great tasting and easy to take. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to give them a go.
Awesome customer service!!”

Susan C.

The best tasting Collagen!


Finally, I’ve found a collagen that is absolutely delish, fits in MY lifestyle and actually works!!!


Activated Turmeric


Activated Turmeric in a gummy that has a really nice ginger taste and seeing positive results from… I’m a fan 🙂 Thanks for creating such a great product.

Peter T.



Tasty tasty!


So yum!


They taste great and they are good for you. What more could you want?

Adelheid P.

ACV gummies


These are so good. Much better than the other ones I used to buy. Yummy and my bloating has gone right down.


Why can’t all collagens taste this good?


Best tasting collagen I’ve ever had. My hair is shinier and my nails are a lot stronger than they have been. I feel like I’m eating a lolly but it’s actually good for me! Give me everything in gummy form, I’m sold!!




Love the ACV and the turmeric but struggle with the flavour of the collagen. Brett really rates the turmeric for soreness after a huge day in the yard.

Taryn W.

Turmeric gummies


These taste amazing and they’re good for you, what more could you possibly want.

Rachael S.

Best ever products


I love these products they are easy to take, don’t affect my stomach or digestion thank you for awesome products

Susan M.

Love these!


These are the ONLY way I will touch turmeric! They do make such a difference with inflammation so if you struggle with the taste of turmeric like I do, you will LOVE these gummies


The kids keep asking for more


Our family love these Goodie Gum Drops. They are too easy to eat!

Mel T.

Who would have thought turmeric could taste so good!


These are so yummy! Too yummy, the ginger in these is so good.

Mel T.



Since starting with these I have felt so much better and have just reordered. Thanks to Brooke McClymonts recommendation




This is my second purchase of Goodie Gum Drops. I absolutely love these products so quick and easy to take and taste delicious too!! My husband and daughter love the apple cider vinegar drops and I’ve thrown away my bottle of apple cider vinegar. I don’t feel as bloated as I used to and I know I’m doing something good for my body. Would recommend these to anyone. Thankyou so much

Clair A.



“Not sure about the effects as yet as only first time I tried this product. Easy to take so I will be re ordering another bottle & see how it goes”




Since i started taking the Gum Drops i have not felt the bloating I usually have, and they also suppress hunger. I am diabetic and will be interesting to see my next long term blood test.

Louise D.

Bundle Pack


Love these. Taste great

Donna Adams



Too early to say if they have made any difference to my health but the turmeric and apple cider taste great – collagen is palatable but probably won’t purchase again

Roxanne Hurst

Collagen Gum Drops


I had splitting thumb nails for years I have been taking Goodie Gum Drops now for 6 months and my thumb nails are looking great!

James Jarrad


Goodie Gum Drops™ and Y Health + Wellness are 100% Australian owned, operated and based out of the beautiful Gold Coast. Due to technological advancements in the Northern Hemisphere we choose to get our manufacturing done in the USA and bottle our products locally here in Australia.
The taste and texture of our Goodie Gum Drops™ range was at the top of the list when we were creating them. All of our gummies are naturally flavoured and the texture is unrivalled compared to other products on the market. Our Apple Cider Vinegar gummies taste like sweet red apples with a hint of ACV. Turmeric gummies have a natural sweet ginger flavour with a beautiful peppery undertone and our Collagen gummies taste like strawberries! DELICIOUS!!
Absolutely! Goodie Gum Drops™ are a favourite for kids (and parents prefer them due to the quality of ingredients compared to others on the market). We suggest giving kids a half serve (one gummy of each up to twice a day).
YES! All of our Goodie Gum Drops™ products are made in a Gluten-Free, GMP Certified Facility.
Both our Apple Cider Vinegar + Turmeric gummies are vegan. Our Collagen gummies aren't vegan due to having hydrolysed marine collagen peptides in them.

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