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We’ve all heard of Apple Cider Vinegar – but what does it do?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a centuries old superfood that’s loaded with goodness!

Benefits include: reducing weight, blood sugar & cholesterol levels and improving gut health. Let’s take a deep dive into these benefits and how they can help your body.

It can help you control cravings.

Imagine you could take something that could take away your sweet tooth. Imagine never having to worry about crushing a whole bag of lollies in a single sitting again. Imagine finding healthy food delicious AND filling!

Well stop imagining.

ACV can help with all this and more! High amounts of sugar cause your body to release more insulin than it needs – making you crave more sweet foods. The acetic acid in ACV regulates blood sugar levels and stops cravings for sugary foods.

How neat is that!

It can ease digestion and improve 💩 movements.

Besides curbing cravings, ACV can help break down food. This helps you avoid digestive issues like heartburn, bloating and constipation.

Plus – it contains a bunch of probiotics! This helps your body absorb nutrients and strengthen the immune system against nasties.

Wow! It does sound pretty good. How do I take it?

You can always go down the traditional route of a teaspoon with breakfast and dinner. But if you’re looking for a delicious, fun and easy way of taking your superfoods – try out our ACV gummies.

They have the natural taste of sweet red apples and with 1000mg of ACV per serve (which is the equivalent of your daily recommendation) you’ll be reaping the benefits, all without the taste or smell it usually comes with.

Try them for yourself!

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